Roll Off Bins

Roll Off Bins (Open Top)

If you would like to order the roll-off bin service, the order form can be found by following the link: Roll-off bins (10yd, 12yd, 20yd, 30yd and 40yd containers)


10 Yard Rolloff :: 12’ x 8’

  Delivery Charge $40.00
   Cost Per Pull $95.00
   Box is allowed up to 1 1/2 tons *roofing material not allowed*  
12 Yard Rolloff :: 18 ½’ x 7 ½’
   Delivery Charge  $40.00
   Cost per Pull  $120.00
   Box is allowed up to 2 tons  
20 Yard Rolloff ::   20’ x 8’ x 5’
   Delivery Charge  $40.00
   Cost per Pull  $180.00
   Box is allowed up to 3 tons  
30 Yard Rolloff ::  25’ x 8’ x 6’
   Delivery Charge  $40.00
   Cost per Pull  $253.00
   Box is allowed up to 5 tons  
40 Yard Rolloff ::  26’ x 8’ x 7 ½
   Delivery Charge  $40.00
   Cost per Pull  $329.00
   Box is allowed up to 7 tons

Roll Off Truck Container Sizes:

Drag your mouse over the containers below in order to see a sample image of it.

40 yard container

10 cubic yards - 12' x 8' x 3.5'
12 cubic yard - 18.5' x 7.5' x 3.5'
20 cubic yard - 20' x 8' x 5'
30 cubic yard - 25' x 8' x 6'
40 cubic yard - 26' x 8' x 7.5'

landscaping projects or large commercial jobs

Do to the weight of roofing material and the smaller truck required to transport 10yd containers, the smallest bin allowed for roofing jobs is a 12yd.
Anything over the allowed tonnage is charge at $21.00 to $39.00 depending upon the type of material.

Moving only:
To move box without dumping it…………..$70.00

Rearranging Box in order to tarp:………………………$70.00/hr

      Long term rolloffs (having longer that 6 mos.) Required to have container emptied a minimum of once per month to avoid rental fees. Failure to comply will result in rental charges of $6.00 per working day for that month.  Office must be notified in advance of expected long term use.

       Short term rolloffs (having less than 6 mos.) To avoid rental charges, container must be emptied at least every 10 working days. Non compliance will result in rental charges of $6.00 per working day, retro active to the last activity date.


North Boundary…..Into North Valley area, Lincoln Rd
South Boundary…..Clancy Exit
West Boundary…..Colorado Gulch Turn off
East Boundary…..Spokane Creek/Glass Slipper junction

**Service beyond these boundaries will be charged at $6.00 per mile one way, each trip we make.